Bank Loan

bank loans

At Bank loan you can borrow up to 400 thousand cash. They therefore turn to a slightly different segment of quick loans where you can borrow money for larger purposes. Here you have the opportunity to finance eg a boat or a car with a loan from Bank loan. Precisely because they are focusing on the segment that would like to borrow a little more money than the normal quick loan loans amount, it is preferable to borrow from Bank loan, since it is precisely cheaper to lend larger amounts to them than elsewhere.

Do you have a project to be funded?

bank loan

Bank loan addresses the customers who are facing a project they lack funding for. It may be that you are in the process of building an outbuilding where you cannot finance all the costs associated with it. Here, Bank loan offers that you can go in with them and apply for a consumer loan at a fixed low interest rate.

Interest from 4.99%

Interest from 4.99%

Bank loan offers an extremely attractive low interest rate from only 4.99%. We are therefore really close to the conventional loan that we know from our own bank. It can also be compared to a conventional loan, but with all the benefits that can benefit from a quick loan. Bank loan combine the best of 2 worlds. It gives you as a customer a super product that you can use to finance projects that you would like to have for the world at a really low interest rate. Bank loan helps to make it easier for individuals to lend money for all possible purposes that they would like to have realized.

Collect all your quick loans at Bank loan

Collect all your quick loans at Bank loan

Just because Bank loan offers you that you can borrow up to 400 thousand cash at a reasonable interest rate, you can actually use Bank loan to collect all your quick loans. If you have received several quick loans, you can advantageously take out a large loan from Bank loan to repay all your small smaller loans. That way you get all your debt with a creditor. It may sound like a bad maneuver to take out another loan to pay back your other loans. But it can actually pay off. Because Bank loan can offer you an interest rate that is attractive compared to all your other small individual loans. Besides, you want to save money by collecting your quick loans somewhere. Then it also helps to create an overview, which is an essential part of being able to get its finances connected. If you have any further questions about this procedure, please contact Bank loan at their online support. They are very easy to talk to.

Who can apply for a loan from Bank loan

However, not everyone can apply to Bank loan. One must meet some requirements which are as follows. Firstly, you must have an address in Denmark, in order to be able to take out a loan from Bank loan. Then you need a permanent job. This means that if you have no work, you are not eligible for a loan from Bank loan.


Annual Cost Percentage – What does it mean?


ACP stands for Annual Cost Percentage. With your AOP you can see your total cost of taking out a loan. You must read your APR as your total annual cost calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount. This means that if your APR is 10% and your total loan amount is DKK 10,000, then your total cost of raising the loan is DKK 1,000 per year.

We can therefore use the APR as an indicator of how expensive a loan is. Which allows us to compare loans. Here it is just important to compare 2 or more loans with the same parameters.

Loan providers must disclose the OPP

loan application

Loan providers are subject to the Credit Agreement Act, which states that banks and loan providers must inform the OPP in connection with loan offers. The reason for this is that it should help make it easier for the consumer to see how much it will cost to take out a loan at an annual cost.

Here is the keyword “annual cost” because although it helps to give a really good overview of what it will cost a consumer over a period of one year to have a loan. Then it has the disadvantage that it becomes difficult to read the OPOP when you apply for a quick loan in order to borrow for a shorter period than one year.

A good example is if you would like to borrow 4000 kroner for 7 days. If we say hypothetically that credit costs for this 7-day loan period will be Bank, then we can expect that the APR will be 12,995.5 percent. Which sounds like something you should never ever move into. Although we can see that the credit cost of taking out this hypothetical loan is only Bank. want to take out a loan with a loan period that is less than one year. In this example, 7 days. How many would say good to take out this mortgage loan.

We can therefore conclude that the shorter a loan period, the greater the APR. You should therefore be aware that you can reach very high APRs during short loan periods, which is very typical for when you want to borrow money with a quick loan.

The APR is not the final percentage to be paid

That being said, the OPOP is a little bit misleading. The OPP can make it much more clear in terms of how much to expect to get rid of the cost of taking out a loan. It’s just important to know how parameters are screwed together so that you can see what the number is telling.

Now that we have been on how not to misinterpret ACP, there are still some places to pay attention. There are several things that have an impact on the calculation of the OPP, which can help to give a wrong picture of reality.

The following must therefore be noted:

  • Deduction
  • Runningtime


Deductions make it possible to take out a loan cheaper than what is actually stated as AOP. Since you can deduct interest from tax with deduction. This results in fewer costs for the full loan than the AOP suggests. This is a positive thing for you. So you have to keep in mind when you make the calculation to take out a loan, yes there are actually some interest rates that you can deduct from your annual statement. This makes it cheaper to take out the loan than what your APR actually shows you.


You also have to be aware that the APR decreases as you extend the term of a loan, but here you have to keep your tongue straight, because that does not mean that your loan will be cheaper. The thing to keep in mind is that the OPP is calculated per. years and runs one’s loan over a longer period than one year, then you may well get a distorted picture of reality. One must therefore also remember that this can go both ways. Therefore, if you take out a loan with a view to repaying it within a year, then ACP also shows a wrong picture, and in fact you will not pay as much as ACP gives up.

The conclusion on the 2 above points is that one should not always be intimidated by a high AOP until you have taken all the things into the calculations. In many cases, it may turn out that you have to spend less in total costs than what the OPP suggests you have to do. So even though the OPP gives a good overview, it can also be misleading. It is therefore necessary to know how to calculate the OPP, in order to have the full understanding of the calculation.

If you think the above seems too complicated, don’t worry. The only thing to keep in mind when looking at an AOP is that it is calculated per day. year basis. That is, these are the costs you have per. year as a percentage of its total loan amount.

What does the OPP cover?

Now we have more or less been told what the OPP is and what it stands for, as well as how we figure it out. We also know that OPP is the total cost, and here you can see which elements influence your OPP.

One-off costs

  • end fee
  • fees
  • Booking fee
  • document fee
  • Registration fee
  • etc.

Ongoing costs

  • Monthly / Annual Account Fees
  • Management fee
  • interest
  • custodian Fees
  • PBS fees
  • etc.

There are a number of points and many things to keep track of, and that is precisely why we would like to have the OPOP informed, because then we do not have to go through all those points. In conclusion, therefore, it must be that an OPP is very useful when calculating its total costs for your loan, just remember to take some things into consideration as it is not always the right picture that the OPP gives . Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to use only the OPP as an indicator, but that you have to sit down and make calculations yourself before you give up the loan. Typically, the loan providers are good at helping someone with this so you can get the right overview.


Attractive maturities on loans

Cheap loans are a Danish mortgage loan provider. As a new customer you have the opportunity to borrow up to DKK 8,000, while as an existing customer you can borrow up to DKK 15,000 with an annual fixed interest rate. Cheap loans are known for their fast processing of loan applications. If you apply in local’s opening hours, you can have the borrowed money in your account within 30 minutes. Of course, this requires that you be approved for the loan.

Cheap loans offer attractive maturities on loans

Cheap loans

One of the things that makes Cheap loans attractive is the long term of the loan. You decide for yourself how long a repayment period you want on your loan. You have a minimum payment each month, which of course you must comply with. If you would like to pay off your quick loan ahead of time, you can easily do this. It does not cost extra if you would like to repay the loan ahead of time. Here, other Danish loan providers require a fee for early repayment.

Apply easily with Cheap loans

Cheap loans

Cheap loans have an extremely user-friendly application where it is really easy to apply for a quick loan. The website contains all the necessary information, so you do not, as a starting point, have to contact Cheap Loan with any questions. You can quickly get an overview of the repayment amount, the APR, the loan interest rate and the credit costs. This is information that is essential when you need to know the price of the loan.

The application takes place in 4 easy steps.

  1. You choose the desired loan amount . You can borrow from DKK 100 and up to DKK 15,000 from local if you are an existing customer. If you are a new customer, you can borrow from DKK 100 and up to DKK 15,000. You can easily choose the amount you would like to borrow through the website.
  2. Complete your loan application . Once you have found the amount you would like to borrow, fill out the loan application. In the application you enter, among other things, your name and address. Based on your loan application, cash Loans makes a credit assessment where your final terms for the loan are calculated. If your credit rating is not good enough, you will be rejected for the loan.
  3. Sign your application . In order for Cheap loan to obtain the necessary information for the credit assessment, you must sign the loan application with your NEM-ID.
  4. Receive responses to your application . A few minutes after your application is submitted, you will receive a response to your application. If you get approved, you can approve the loan agreement. If you approve your loan with Cheap loan, you will have the money available within 30 minutes if you apply during their opening hours.

What are the requirements for cash loans?

In order to be approved to borrow money from a Cheap loan, there are a number of requirements that you have to live up to. These requirements are very similar to those of most Danish loan providers.

More specifically, the requirements you need to meet are:

  • Be between 19 and 75 years.
  • Danish citizen and have a valid CVR number.
  • National register address in Denmark
  • Have an NEM ID
  • You must not be registered in the RKI or the Debtor Register.
  • Have a Danish phone number and an e-mail address.
  • You must have a Nemkonto in a Danish bank. It is for this account that your money is paid out.

Why Should I Choose a Cheap loan?

Why Should I Choose a Cheap loan?

One of the great advantages of borrowing money from Cheap loans is that it is easy and fast. At the same time, disbursement is among the fastest in the country. Therefore, if you stand and lack money here and now, then local is a really good loan provider. One of the disadvantages of Cheap loans is that you are only able to borrow 8,000 cash if you are a new customer. If you need to spend more money, you must find another loan provider. At the same time, the loan’s OPP is at the high end. On the other hand, you have the option of choosing a long repayment period, which can make the installment more comfortable.